webBPM: easy web application design & deployment without programming

What really gives you a competitive edge?

Other than the people who work for you, we believe it is above all the way you do business: your unique business process. There are certain things you do better, cheaper or faster than your competitors. Staying ahead and evolving that uniqueness, is critical to your company’s survival. How do you support the people and groups executing the activities involved? How do you assure quality and governance?

All too often the IT solutions and infrastructure supporting those unique processes are inflexible, brittle and expensive. We like solutions that are simple and adaptable.

webBPM is a software application that allows you to implement your business processes without developing software or managing IT infrastructure. This enables you to be highly adaptable and to significantly reduce costs.

Traditionally, creating an application for internal processes, such as purchase ordering and internal HR approvals, was client-server based. This did not scale well in a web environment and probably required custom programming. External web sites typically scale well, but have minimal workflow built into them. It gets even more challenging when applications must straddle the boundary of both internal and external processes, and require a closed loop between customers, partners, departments and suppliers. This is when you really need scalability and efficient business processes most.

Consider, for example, that business processes today are no longer purely governed by simple accounting principles. With governance requirements such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act, you need to track all your activities efficiently. Ensuring your revenue is recorded and reported correctly is both an internal and external process that involves communication with your company and the outside world. However, in reality it is extremely difficult to quickly implement these internal and external processes using current systems and infrastructure.

webBPM will enable you to:

  • Create and deploy complex (internal & external) web applications easily
  • Define, maintain and run the entire application using a standard web browser
  • Eliminate programming through the use of an intuitive graphical user interface

You benefit through:

  • Increased reaction speed to changing customer requirements
  • Lower R&D costs
  • Reduced programming time
  • Faster deployment
  • Smaller IT footprint by reducing the number of systems used for internal and external applications

At this point, we are in the process of building our product. If you are interested as a customer, please contact us at interested@webbpm.com.

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